A game for all kids

How we designed our kids game for all ages

We early decided to make a game suitable for all kids and also understandable for the youngest ones. We also wanted it to work across the globe. To accomlish this we came up with a 3-point list:

  • No text

  • No violence

  • No ads

No text

For the game to work across the globe in all countries we started to remove as much text as possible. The play button text was replaced with a play icon. Not all kids have yet learned to read or perhaps don’t even know numbers yet. So instead of buttons with numbers to represent different number of pieces, the numbers were replaced with icons showing how may pieces there is.

We kept the text to a minimum, only keeping the text button for privacy policy, since it’s really has to be there for the game to be to approved.

No violence

With no violence references we really think we include more players and also getting parents approval easier.

No ingame ads

Seeing a lot of children games with ads, we thought we really should test to have no ads, with the option to buy the full game. Since we who make this game both are parents, it was something we really wanted to see more of, although it would not be the best financially decision.

Did it work?

With Puzzle Moo being played across the globe it does seem to have worked out really well.

We have players in countries like Ivory coast, Egypt, South Korea, Argentina, Vietnam, US, Finland and Mexico to name a few.

All these countries have different languages and keeping the text to a minimum is a key to make it work across the globe. We also got very positive feedback for not having any ads or any violent content.

And last but not least, offering a game that is fun, and that kids love makes it great fun to work with.

A fun puzzle game on andriod

Puzzle Moo

5 star rating
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